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My love affair with Wildlife and Wildlife photography spans more than two decades.  During that time much has changed in the photographic world but for the wildlife and from their perspective little has changed.  Their world remains about "now" and about survival.

Having spent much of my life in the Logistics and Transport Industry an unplanned by product was the opportunity to travel and travel to some unlikely and "exotic" places - Afghanistan -Iran - Namibia - China - the America's et al.  Circa 1985 during a business visit I arrived at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore armed with my first Konica SLR but will never know how good those shots were as the roll of film was in my pocket not in the camera.

In early 2005 with some trepidation I went digital - one of those better decisions.  For those more technically minded I travel armed with a Canon EOS 1DS mk III and a 1D Mk IV plus various lenses including a 200mm Prime F2.0 , 100-400mm Zoom and a general purpose 24-105mm short zoom giving max flexibilty essential for wildlife photography on the move.

Wildlife Photography embraces two fascinating subjects;  the wildlife itself and with it the added  bonus  of the challenge to capture what you see through the photography.

"No pain - No gain"

Unbelievably frustrating one moment and amazingly rewarding the next.  Hours on the back of  jolting trucks , suffering the energy sapping heat of the Namib and the saturating humidity of Borneo .  The numbing cold of the Arctic, thick clouds of mosquitoes rising in the Okavango, the dust and awesome barrenness of the Ankarana Massif in Northern Madagascar, the tragic sadness of Rwanda but then the incredible beauty of Mountain Gorilla's with babies high in the Virunga Mountains, the birth of a Gazelle in the Mara, the stunning Diademed Sifaka near Perinet, a Zebra foal licking its mother, the quite amazing Arctic Fox and after many fruitless days searching and tracking finally seeing a beautiful tigress approaching her cub in the forests of Pench.

Tom Littlejohns